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NRI Guidelines

NRI Guidelines

Welcome to NRIs Section!!!

Dear NRI Investor,

If you are looking to invest on property especially in Bengaluru Then you are at the right page. We are one of the reputed builder for quality residential constrictions to meet customers’ specific demand in terms of location, Budget, Development and return on investment.

To know more on property investments in India, or in specific details of current or upcoming projects at Saanvi Building Solutions please write to us now.

Over the year we cater hundreds Indians and NRIs who made smart investment decision & became owner of landmark projects across Bangalore.

I invite you to join these bands of trusted owners, who have reaped the benefits of our passion and precision in quality construction and modern design!

nri guidelines

The NRIs(Non-Resident Indians) produce implicit growth prospects for the Indian frugality and finances. But, who are NRIs? Well, by way of their domestic status in India, people get classified as Resident Indians andNon-Resident Indians or NRIs. This is different from an existent’s Indian citizenship. The status of Indian Resident is given to those who have stayed in India for about one eighty- two days during the fiscal time, or Have stayed for a minimum of one time( 365 days) in the last four times and stayed for sixty days in the concerned time. Anyone not following the condition will be considered an NRI or a Non Resident Indian. NRI, PIO, and RNOR Status The NRI status in India is attained by people who are Indian citizens but stay in India for lower than 182 days in the antedating fiscal time or people who live outside India for employment, business, or any other purpose for an uncertain period. This includes people who are Indian citizens but leave India for employment or are crew members of an Indian boat. For them, the 60- days’ minimal period is extended to 182 days. The domestic status for similar Indian crew members is determined as follows since01.04.2015 They should have a nonstop Discharge Certificate or CDC as per Merchant Shipping Rules, 2001. It should be for a passage from a source in India to a destination outside India, or vice versa. The number of days of stay in India for similar individualities will count the launch and the end date as on the CDC. Indian crew members on service on foreign vessels for 182 days or further are treated asNon-Resident Indians. An individual holding NRI status has all benefits and rights as any Indian citizen has,e.g., they’re eligible for advancing in the Legislative Assembly and Council election, and can buy land anywhere in India. PIO Status The PIO status( Person of Indian Origin) is given to those foreign citizens who at any time held an Indian passport or either of his/ her parents is a citizen of India, or he she is the partner of an Indian citizen. OCI Status A person can hold the OCI( Overseas Citizen of India) status if the person has any domestic connection in India. still, OCI status holders don’t have all rights as any other Indian citizen or NRIs have. RNOR Status An RNOR Status means Resident but Not naturally Resident. To unfold further, anyone who’s an Indian Resident with any of the two conditions mentioned above as met, AND, Has NRI Status for 9 out of 10 times before the time concerned, OR, Has been in India for a outside of 729 days in the 7 times before the time concerned